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September 24, 2007


Brandon Sanders

I think this is a great tragedy.
cause this could take him out not only this year but next year.
Also I think Ashley should have raced, But they didn't won't another whreck from the stress.
This is a sad day.

Dick Bottos

We were there sat and sun what a terrible crash our prayers are with him and his family i never hear so many people in one place so quite it was errie. He truely is a icon.

Bo Bohannon

Thanks for the article recap on John Force. I was never a Ford fan, but John Force was the kind of guy you could not help but like. I have followed his career for years and got to meet him once at a Castrol event and he was so alive and personable to everyone.

If you have an addressI could send a card to I would apppreciate if you could provide that.

Thanks, Bo Bohannon


i've meet john many times at pomona and sonoma he has sined many things for me and my family he has always remebered wife luvs to hear john's interviews.


I was shocked that this happened to John Force. My prayer are with him and his family. He will be fine and cont to be the best racer out there.

The Coy Family
San Antonio, Texas

Bud Copeland

Were wishing a Speddy 100% Recovery for the One & Only
" John Force "

from ;
the Bad Kids at the Jersey Shore


I met John many times at the summer nationals in englishtown. He was always happy to sign a hat or photo and I wish him a fast recovery. Scott in East Haven CT

James Goodrum

John has the heart of a champion. He will come back stronger than ever. Ashley absolutely made the right decision in not racing. She has nothing to prove. Neither does John. The Force is still with us. This is no tragedy. This is racing.

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