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June 08, 2006



I love that the release ends with: "Celebrating 15 years of exciting hockey action"

Makes me wonder if Karl Rove's nephew is working as a publicist for these guys. Two franchises fold, one for very obvious reasons and the the UHL folks chalk up the second failure to "the fact" that there would've been too many long bus rides.

"Mission Accomplished!"


We're holding a memorial service for Scrappy...the Danbury Trashers are no more.

Ostensibly, its because: “The Frostbite were not able to secure a lease with the Glens Falls Civic Center. Without their closest geographical rival in the league, the Trashers made a financial decision to suspend their operations.”

But we know better....



Wait till you see how far down the rabbit hole goes.

This story is larger than has been reported. I should know...I live in Danbury.

A word of advise, tell the reporters at the Courant to dig deeper and follow the money trail...


Hey, Colin, how come when I subscribed to the most-subscribed of your blog feeds, every one of the entries says it was written by Denis Horgan?


Even more surreal is the Danbury Trashers mascot "Scrappy", who (which?) is a big garbage can. Sort of vibes "Oscar the Grouch" except it's the can that is animated, not the monster who lives in the can.

I was fortunate to see Scrappy live and in person(?) at last year's "Mascot Day" at the Connecticut Sun game, which is as unsettling a featurette as one can imagine. The mascots seem authentically excited to all be together.

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