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June 06, 2007


Terrence McCarthy

Maybe it's because McCartney's new ( awful ) Cd was just released yesterday. Or maybe it's the Ibsen reference.

But " Norwegian Wood " keeps coming to mind.


I wonder, now, if he'll need Viagara to keep from shunting down.


Little Red Booster

Little Red had barnyard swagger,
A feathered version of Mick Jagger.
Just ask the hens who shared his roost:
They loved this cock who drank some Boost.
Just mixed in with his daily corn,
And Little Red did greet the morn
All worn out, too tired for crowing,
With every chicken's face still glowing.
But this hard work did enervate
And chase Red through the pearly gate.
That's the sad end to this ballad:
Little Red's now chicken salad.

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