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February 21, 2008



I just love the Freudian slip here.

"I realize I'm always in anger of losing the chunk of my audience who take themselves incredibly seriously."

. . . Thanks for givng us this party, Colin. You're so much better than TV.


I'm a female reader and you don't upset me in the least.


There does seem to be a kind of frat boy sensibility to this blog. It seems that because the author uses intelligence and humor, a lot of it passes without comment.


Character and Integrity?

How about taste? Doesn't taste count anymore?

This Vicki Iseman, she's good looking.

Paula Jones and Monica Lewinsky were not. And Vince Foster isn't looking so pretty these days.

Vote for the party with taste. Therein you'll find character and integrity.


He's not (quite) that bad.

It's fair to say that you and I have had some, uh, fights, and that bickering with you is one of my favorite pastimes. But we still feel the luv, no?
Now run along try and stay out of trouble for a little while.

Connor Hollister

With McCains immolation mere days away,and Hillary on the ropes, it appears as though Ann Coulter's theory that only "B. Hussein Obama" himself can keep the Dems out of the White House will be put to the test.

If I were Mitt, I would be "unsuspending" right quick, and getting Huck on board as VP to appease the evangelicals...


You dismiss her as the blonde. THE BLONDE???

You are so f-ng sexist and so f-ng blind to it.

You think you are some evolved life form but you're not. Your incredible blindness is the worst affront.

Don't you at least get a hint of that from your female reader comments lately? You are about to lose a big chunk of audience. If you care.

COLIN WRITES: I'm sorry for not treating Ms. Iseman as a whole and fully developed person. I certainly think she should receive equal pay (to what a male lobbyist would get) for trying to tilt the system on behalf of her monied employers. As for the rest, ach, I know I'm not perfect, but I am trying. I realize I'm always in anger of losing the chunk of my audience who take themselves incredibly seriously. That, however, does not include many of the women who get mad at me in these threads, most of whom I have the great pleasure of knowing personally. I love them to pieces, especially the one who called me "dense." Most us have figured out that we can and will get on each other's nerves at times but finish the day with a smile for one another.

Tom the toy designer

Jodi Rell seems like a pretty congruent choice for McCain's VP after all. We need an ethics reformer than can provide continuity, eh?

And why not Ross Garber for Attorney General? He knows where the doubloons were buried.


Matt Yglesias at The Atlantic links to much more detail on the lobbying allegations.

From tech reporter Drew Clark: "After a brief period of Democratic dominance, McCain returned to become chairman of the committee in 2003 and 2004. During that period, he took crucial legislative action that saved Paxson Communications from a bill that would have, in the words of CEO Lowell “Bud” Paxson, finally ruined his company.

Even more ironically, McCain took this action for Paxson in spite of his long-standing position that television broadcasters had inappropriately used the transition to digital television (DTV) to benefit themselves financially at the expense of the American public.

McCain initially supported legislation that would have forced Paxson and handful of broadcasters – but not the great bulk of television stations – off the air by December 31, 2006. Bud Paxson himself personally testified about this bill with “fear and trepidation” at a hearing on September 8, 2004.

Two weeks later, McCain had reversed himself. He now supported legislation that would grant two-year reprieve for Paxson – and instead force all broadcasters to stop transmitting analog television by December 31, 2008. Paxson and his lobbyists, including Iseman, were working at this time for just such a change."

Like you say above -- the blonde is just the hook.


As they say at the Times, "All the Icky, Unsourced, Decade-Old News that's Fit to Print."

You'd think with four reporters working on the case, they could have prodded some better details out of their anonymous sources: a witness to a beast with two back writhing around on McCain's conference table, or a hurried BJ in the men's room, or at least a groping hand up her dress at a drunken Christmas party.

But instead we get: "A female lobbyist had been turning up with him at fundraisers, visiting his offices, and accompanying him on a client's corporate jet." A lobbyist, whose clients are predominantly communications companies, showing up at fundraisers and making office visits to the Chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee. What kind of lobbyist does that?

Maybe Bill Keller should have assigned Jayson Blair and Judith Miller to the story.

Poor McCain didn't even get to first base, to judge from this story; what kind of example is he setting for his Tailhook Convention buddies? The story reminds me of long ago lunchtime conversations with my high school sophomore classmates, where sitting next to a really hot girl in English class, even though she completely ignored you, was about the most erotic thing that happened to us all week (OK, in my case all year). There's no icky blue dress in this story, just icky black ink.


I'm thinking "the blonde" is more than just a story hook. There is an issue of character here. And integrity.


I don't know about you but I'm tired of politicians pronouncing forcefully blanket statements which are blatant, bald-faced lies without blinking and expecting us to swallow them along with all the other lies.

How about this one from the Yahoo article on this today?

"I've never done any favors for anybody — lobbyist or special-interest group. That's a clear, 24-year record," he told reporters.

Can you have a more obviously mendacious "fact"? Isn't that what lobbyists expect? Isn't that why lobbyists exist? Isn't that why they flew him around and wined and dined him? But he NEVER did anything for any of them? I guess they must just find him to be extremely likeable?

If the American people, 2/3 of whom recognize the Iraq Invasion for the failed political exercise it is, couldn't reject McCain for his unwavering support of the war, if they could overlook his refusal to stop waterboarding after he has clearly stated it is torture, I hope they take a good look at his lying. His "straight talk" is more than a little crooked.

While the statement I picked out above is relatively harmless, it is so obviously a lie that it shows how easy it is for him to lie and to say anything to keep his presidential aspirations alive.

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