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October 30, 2006



Hello All,

I was reading around some of the posts here and I found interesting things that you guys talk about, I just made a blog about quitting smoking resources and ideas that you might want to check out.
If someone is interested in this topic just go to; http://endthehabitnow.blogspot.com and let me know what you think.
Thanks in advance.


Since when does indie have anything to do with pot?
I know a ton of people who listen to indie and don't smoke pot, including myself.


Here's a link to the commercial

Yeah, I agree with it. Because of the pixies, I became a meth-head, and anything that Lou Barlow does makes me want to shoot heroin.


i dont know, the commercials are beyond dumb, but i really like the music, especially in the one entitled "not again" anyone know a band or group that sounds remotely like this? its cool


Do you know of anywhere I can listen to or download this clip? I've heard it on the radio and I laugh everytime. Yet, I have no proof for my friends. Abovetheinfluence.com only has the tv spots

Eric replies: The link doesn't work anymore? A friend sent it to me a while back, but I don't recall where she found it. If I can find it, I'll post it.


I would have read this but I was busy eating the brains of infants.

Luckily, their screams were drowned out by the sounds of the new Pavement CD I recently purchased.


I have to be truthful; Indie rock and controlled substances definately go together.


Honestly what is the big deal with the whole indie rock thing. The message that the ad is trying to get across is that the girl was acting different to fit into a certain group, which you shouldnt do. She was just saying that SHE wasnt an indie rock fan, not that they did drugs or that fans of that group were popular. The message is be yourself.


Hi my name is Samantha and I go to Melrose-Mindoro school. I am in 8th grade and 13 years old. In History we are doing National Hisstory Day and I want to do my topic on Above the Influence. I would like to know if you have any infomation to give me. It would be great if you could e-mial my teacher back I would really greatfull if you did. Thank you Samantha

Eric replies: Just in case you check back, the e-mail address you left doesn't seem to work -- my reply was bounced back. At any rate, I have no information beyond the original posting, though the campaign does seem to have a website: http://www.abovetheinfluence.com/

Matthew Jacobs

Well this is a radio PSA for commercial radio. I tend to think that commercial music interests have either donated to the Drug Council or there is some under the table agreement to both "fight" drugs and fight the rise of non-commercial music.

Perhaps commercial music's newest enemy is indie rock.


I'm speechless. Indie rock and weed. Is it just indie rock? Will there be a whole series of the PSAs focusing on the various genres and the related drug influence? Is this just another unfortunate side effect of the "OC"?


I heard this on the way home and the first thing that came to mind wasn't "Yeah drugs are bad" it was "Wow, I was supposed to be smoking weed listening to indie rock? Since when? Way to categorize incorrectly. Where I'm from the indie-rock kids are the kids who *aren't* smoking pot.

What I think this ad is really trying to say is don't smoke pot and listen to indie rock; do the alternative: go to clubs, listen to club music, [and do club drugs.]

..."And people think that's cool."


No doubt! And Neutral Milk Hotel promotes premarital sex!

Derek Warren

I always feel funny after listening to those Elephant 6 bands. Now it all makes sense. The Olivia Tremor Control is a gateway drug.


Here's a longer version of the ad which will soon run in all major markets:

"Being popular was all I could think about last year. I wanted to, like, be cool with everybody. I listened to music that I didn't like the Bonnie Prince Billy and the Fiery Furnaces and laughed at ironic and irreverent jokes. I programmed myself to be a totally different person to everyone by reading several issues of the Big Takeover and watching a DVD about the Flaming Lips. But I wasn't myself. Now I'm not pretending to like Wayne Coyne, or Jeff Tweedy or Neko Case or anything like that. And people think that's cool.

Male summarization voice: Live above the influence. Above weed. And stop trying to be different, it will only get you into trouble. Big trouble. Really big trouble."


Wait, indie rock will make you popular? I really must have missed a step somewhere along the line.

Seriously, way to go after the little guy! Blame it on the outsiders! Throw away that Yo La Tengo t-shirt and clean up your act!

I thought all the cool kids were listening to horrible nu metal bands on WCCC and pretending that this sort of thing is indie rock. Maybe that's what they were trying to say in the ad?


The implication seems pretty clear to me: no one could possibly like indie rock without being under the influence of a controlled substance.

I realize this is part of a larger discussion, but is there really such a thing as "independent" rock? And if I don't like it, does that make me cool or uncool?

Eric replies: "Independent rock" traditionally meant rock 'n' roll made outside the major-label system. In the '80s, that would have meant the Replacements (Twin Tone Records), Husker Du (SST) and early R.E.M. (IRS), for example. Indie has been cool lately, which means major labels like Columbia (The Raveonettes) and Atlantic (Death Cab for Cutie) have co-opted the indie-rock sound. The coolness part is up to you.


I had forgotten about those anti-sex TV commercials. If sex sells, what does anti-sex do?

Tom Clancy

Please. Indie rock kids would be all about finding obscure drugs they didn't even really like in an effort to impress the people they hang around but aren't actually friends with. And the drugs would have to be from foreign countries and be referenced by their local names.

Eric replies: Fair point, but the girl in that PSA sounds like way too big a poseur for that sort of commitment.

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