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February 11, 2007


mike c.

"Please, Black-Eyed Peas, just go away"
thank you
"Whoa, Ornette Coleman is still alive!"
I was thinking the same thing!
"How much plastic surgery has Smokey Robinson had? I think his lips are the only parts of his face that are moving."
still laughing over that one. that was freaky, in a creepy way.


I'm glad you keep track of this stuff. I just watched The Police at the beginning, then switched back to Cheaters.

Tommy P

Your running commentaries on the Grammys is always funny and better than having to watch it.
By the way, I didn't, I was watching a professional wrestling PPV. Even though, both the Grammys and the wrestling had a guy named Sting perform.
So, it's almost the same.


I can't believe the actresses at the event. Are they that desperate to be associated with young flesh? Can they get skin grafts by canoodling?

This about sums it up. One good performance and the woulda coulda list. Why do I bother?

8:47 — Bob Dylan, the Flaming Lips and Wolfmother each won awards before the telecast started. Oh, man. Imagine the Flaming Lips performing on the Grammys ...

9:25 — Gnarls Barkley shakes things up a little, performing a rearranged version of "Crazy" while dressed as airline pilots. The funky bassline is gone here, replaced by martial snare drum, a dark piano vamp and a choir. Nice.

11:11 — Flea's last name is Gonzalez?


My god this interview with John Mayer's guitar teacher is unbearable. Please tell me the reporting isn't holding an interview whilst holding a portable phone and speaking to a disembodied voice. Please tell me Mr. Guitar Teacher didn't just compare him to both Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix.


This is *way* better than actually watching the Grammys. "A sack full of boisterous kittens"? Excellent.

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