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February 06, 2007


Unhappy Tom

There has to be some sort of catch. No way she would do something like that unless she was working an angle.
She's shady like that.
Remember when she had a couple of modern musicians rerecord the bass and drum tracks on a couple of older, remastered Ozzy albums so she wouldn't have to pay the original musicians royalties.
Good times.

Derek Warren

Eagerly awaiting Koplik to chime in and explain how this will be possible without catches.


Cross Merchandising tie-ins is my bet.

Anything from the obvious tie-ins to the less obvious--order 3 Ozzfest band CDs, an Omaha Steak sampler, and an Ozz Fest 'Phat Farm' T-shirt for $129.00 and get a membership into the Ozzy club fan and 2 free tickets.

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