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February 08, 2008


matt w

If you're talking about the 12th "superdelegate" being an X factor, you shouldn't -- the unpledged add-on delegate is elected from a convention of the state's pledged delegates, and they will almost certainly pick an Obama supporter (even though that delegate would not be technically bound to vote for Obama on the first ballot).

Martin Dunleavy

I was proud to endorse Sen.Obama two days after our great Sen Chris Dodd droped out after Iowa. So far I have worked for him as a volunteer in New Hampshire and Connecticut.
Marty Dunleavy
& member of the Democratic National Committee at large representing Ethnic American Democratics
From New Haven

Alex Perlin

I would urge our Connecticut super delegates to vote Obama. Please remember that a Clinton vote in 2008 will lead to a Chelsea Clinton vote in 2012. The USA is a democracy not an oligarchy!!!!!!!!

jaclyn rothenberg

Jaclyn and Rob Rothenberg

We urge Ct superdelgates to vote Obama!
We are watching you and will vote for you in next election if you go Obama.


As a lifelong liberal Democrat, I'm extremely concerned about this election and about what is happening to our party. To think we started out with such an amazing array of talent, full of real promise and resolve to take back the White House, and in unity around this issue, I'm dismayed to see the way this is turning out to be a fractious, destructive, politics as usual fiasco.

REAL leadership would be to have both Obama and Clinton using their influence with their own supporters to stop the divisiveness. Both are fully and equally guilty of making their calls for unity ring of pure hypocrisy.

While I started out being very conflicted over Obama vs. Clinton (both have strengths, both have liabilities), I'm now thoroughly disgusted with the turn of events. I'm so tired of the same old claims of "not politics as usual" when it's absolutely clear that while at least Clinton is pretty much upfront about being part of the system (at least she is what she is and we know that), Obama is certainly equally guilty of the same strategies and connections, but dishonest about owning up to it. How can Obama possibly justify otherwise when he chose to back the pro-war, Bush promoting Lieberman against an anti-war progressive like Lamont or when he ignored the pleas of his own constituents to address the Rezko code violations in his own district and instead buddied up to the source of such disregard for families living in those buildings in favor of his own personal and political gain?

I'm not concerned as much about his doing so as I am about his claims of not being the status quo politician. Just be honest is all I ask.

So at this point, I remain unconvinced that either Obama or Clinton alone will beat McCain. If they really wanted to do the right thing for the people of this nation, they'd suck it up and run together to win it.


If electing Clinton means oligarchy,
and if electing Obama means another American Idol,
then one can only get real by voting for McCain a true war hero
Vote Republican!!!!

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