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December 30, 2005


Chris Antola

Selling merch at a Freddy Jones Band concert, that was a great memory. What about taking the guitar player shopping for a new six-string? That was pretty cool.

Eric replies: And that meatball sub you fed him that weighed him down during the show. Good times.


Have fun at the Elton concert tonight...tell him Happy Birthday and I'm sorry I'm missing him this year! ;-)


Great. Your class got Eric, and mine got to talk about post-WWII German films again. Is it too late to add-drop?

David Huck

I too sat in on your talk today at UConn and thoroughly enjoyed hearing you talk about many of the artists I enjoy (Shins, Wilco, Dylan, etc.)

Now the million dollar question: where do we start to get our young, little feet in the door? School newspapers only go so far. Blogs? Send in clips to various organizations and cross the fingers? Internships? It seems like a scattered and difficult field (music journalism) to break into. Any little advice builds the confidence.

Once again, thanks for your visiting and providing your valuable input!

Eric replies: Music journalism is indeed tough to get started in, but it's all about building up clips. School newspapers are absolutely the best places to start, followed by internships and then alt-weekly papers or small dailies, where it's sometimes easier to land assignments.


Oh man, Dufresne's prof seminar. Those were the days. We got Leigh Montville back in '99-'00, but nobody quite as hip E-Danton here...

Eric replies: Leigh Montville is a pretty sweet get.

Jodi Beth

Just stopping by to say that I really enjoyed you as a speaker today at Uconn, in Professor Dufresne's class, and I would like to thank you for being one of the most interesting speakers we've seen in there yet. Some have been rather discouraging about the field of journalism, and you brought a breath of fresh air to a room full of worried college journalists.

I enjoy the style and content of your writing and will continue to read your work.

Eric replies: Aw, shucks. Thanks for the kind words.

Keep it up...

Flower Power

I know that you won't approve this comment but I'd like to take you from behind

Eric replies: What a fun game this is turning out to be ...


i know you won't approve this comment, but i wanted you to know you're sort of a loser.

Eric replies: Thanks!

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