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December 04, 2006



Hey, is there any indie rock scene in the hartford area...or connecticut in general? I'm kind of dying here. By kind of I mean really.

Eric replies: New London and New Haven have good local scenes, and both attract national indie bands. Check the schedules for Oasis in New London, and Cafe Nine and Bar in New Haven (Bar offers free shows on Sunday nights, and performers have included the Hold Steady, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, Calla, Magnolia Electric Co., Catfish Haven and others). The Webster Underground has the occasional indie show (Jesus H Christ and the Four Hornsmen are there Friday, the 19, in fact) and Shag Frenzy is starting to bring bands to Hartford -- Aberdeen City plays Jan. 20 at Sweet Jane's; Middle Distance Runner is there Feb. 17. Also, check out manicproductions.org -- those guys bring in in a bunch of interesting bands. Also, Northampton, Mass., is an easy drive, and there's a strong indie scene there.


I actually went to the web site to see if that was the case and on this page -- http://www.jesushchristrocks.com/lyrics.html -- there was no asterisk. I guess I should have poked around a little more. I would have seen the little devil on some of the other pages. Carry on.


I always find it amusing that the substitution of an asterisk for one or more of the letters in certain words make them suddenly acceptable for printing in a newspaper.Is it that we won't realize what the word is with the missing letter and thus not be offended?Will the presence of the missing U in this case cause riots on Broad Street by offended puritans?C'mon if you're going to use the word use all the letters.I understand this is corporate policy but are we really protecting people's sensibilities with this ridiculous shorthand?

Eric replies: I understand your point, but the asterisk is actually part of the title of the song as printed on the CD. In fact, The Courant's stylebook prohibits making substitutions for letters in vulgarities: "We should not use the first letter of a word followed by a series of dashes, nor should we use the words 'bleep' or 'bleeping,'" reads the relevant entry.

Shag Frenzy

We have been closing with that song since we started at Sweet Janes - its a really hilarious song.

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