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April 17, 2007



So what happens if this # calls you? I have never heard of any of this, until this # called me and I started researching the USBM. How did this # call me?

Eric replies: That I don't know, unless it's something similar to the "Snakes on a Plane" promotion last year where you could go online, enter a friend's phone number and have a recording of Samuel L. Jackson call them.

Paul Bachmeier

I don't think we should let the lid of the whole hoax/art thing surrounding Year Zero. (Rendering this post pretty darn ironic, but hear me out.)
Sure, it becomes obvious after a little online digging that the whole thing is a fabrication, but the creep out factor is significant, at least initially.
The reader becomes addled, uncertain...angry. What is this dept? What gives them the moral high ground, etc. etc.

Good art should be like a sucker punch. You're not supposed to see it coming, dammit, and it should knock you on your ass. I mean, it's pretty hard to dupe people these days, so a media blitz like this is great to see.

This project is good art. I love the concept. Maybe it's because I just finished a really strong coffee, but at the moment I'm convinced it's flirting with brilliance; somewhere between Danielewski's "House of Leaves" and a classic like "1984".

Good job Trent & Co.


Eric replies: It's definitely a fabrication, but what's great about it is the completeness. This was a well-planned creation.

Derek Warren

I heard it last week at Newbury and loved what I heard. The asst. mgr Jen called the # and we listened to it, laughing, then feeling creeped out.

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