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May 16, 2007



The other guys in the band are pretty nice guys, but the singer for Pela is a dick. I don't doubt in the slightest bit that the singer single-handedly created this incident.
To say that the club is "homophobic" just shows what a stupid loser that guy from Pela is.
He's a typical ex-jock loud-mouth, hot-head jackass! I know for a fact that he has has been in a LOT of confrontations with other bands, venue personel, etc.


Stage volume is the band's responsibilty- not the soundperson's. I also heard the singer announce he was not going to turn down. Nice job, guy. As "working class artists," they should be familiar with the feedback venues share when dealing with arrogant (and petulant) personalities. Rather than smear the venue and promoters, Pela should save their crocodile tears, ditch the false modesty, and embrace dynamics.


I dunno, something sounds sketchy and this is just an observation. According to Pela, the owner approached the stage about 2/3 into their set to turn the volume down, which is the soundguy's responsibility for both the monitors on stage and the speakers. Here's what I don't get - if the volume was such a problem, how come the soundguy didn't do anything about it for 2/3 of their set? The only comments I've read thus far are those who are affiliated with the club, (the promoter, a dude who takes pictures for publicity who was there, and friends of the club)and loyal patrons who weren't there that night, which unfortunately, makes this argument one-sided, and sorta biased.

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