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August 20, 2007



I just ordered his book.. can't wait for it to arrive. I followed the Crue through the 80's... loved them all the way. Little did I know what was really happening behind the scenes.. We all heard stories, but as the Dirt shows, we didn't hear them all.


Here's a website you may find useful. http://www.addicted.com is a site for friends, families, and those who suffer from various addictions.


And Vince Neil killed his buddy from Hanoi Rocks in a DWI accident. And Tommy Lee beats Pam Anderson for his kicks. And Marrs has his story of drug abuse and ODs.

I never got past the Kiss Wannabes covering "Smoking in the Boys Room" and proclaiming themslves the saviors of metal.

Yet that myth stil persists today. PT Barnum had nothing on these guys.


That's the whole point ass! When he should have been high on life he couldn't be. He was living a personal hell on earth. His book is real, and it will reach people on many differnt levels. Not only that the sales of his book will raise money for Running Wild in the Night a charity for runaway and at risk youth.

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