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January 02, 2008



The time warp makes NO sense. Lisa died in 2007--- what year are they in now, if they're ten years in the future, 2017? That makes sense, right?

No, they're in... ummm, 2008. Tom put up a half-hearted attempt at an explantation on his blog then took it down.

"It's called writing" he often sneers.

I'm doing something on this end called "reading" and Funky makes no sense at all. It makes "Lost" almost seem coherent.


Did you know that there was a musical version of Funky Winkerbean? My high school performed it my senior year some 20 years ago. It shames me to this day.


There's only one solution:

Joe Mathlete's Marmaduke Explained. (http://marmadukeexplained.blogspot.com/)


When I saw the strip a couple of days ago, it looked like Batiuk was about to give old Les a heart attack, too... sheesh! Between this and For Better or For Worse's annoying time-travel, I'm at a comic strip loss.

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