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January 09, 2008



I'll give you Santa Barbara :)

Indy (13th) and Charlotte(18th) are top 25 cities and top 35 by MSA.

It looks and smells like a stadium tour with the one exception.


They're pretty much on the record as saying there's no chance of them playing an area that doesn't have a solid public transportation system to minimize the environmental impact of fans traveling to the show. Of course, that just means that those of us stuck in backwards-thinking metropolitan areas are forced to travel even greater distances to see them. But I digress...


It's great to see the band that "gave away" their music a few months ago top the Billboard charts today. It's a very interesting case study for the music industry. I think only a few established bands with a strong fan base can pull it off. And of course their tour will make gobs of money. I know I'll be at one of those shows!


They can't afford to play mid-market cities this time around. Gotta cash in on the giveaway.

Prince figured it out long ago. Music is a promo for tour revenues. Do unto the record companies what they would do unto you.

Eric replies: Well, Charlotte, Santa Barbara and Indianapolis certainly quality as mid-market cities. Regardless, Radiohead's not hurting for money -- despite the online album giveaway, "In Rainbows" still debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 this week.

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