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April 03, 2008



Just think: With her acting chops she could be the Helen Mirren of porn.


She learned something in her younger Disney days and has some acting chops.

Her early turns on Saturday Night Live were good. Better than average. Good timing, good delivery and lucky to have some good scripts.

I've no doubt se could do the standard sitcom role once she settled in.


Has the show been renewed yet? I guess until that happens, the gimmicks will continue. I didn't mind the Britney episode. But it paled in comparison to this past week with The Bracket.


Yes! She rushed through her lines! I noticed that too and was surprised when none of the reviews the next day mentioned that.


uuuugggg, do we have to?

Was it HIMYM's highest ratings *ever*, or the highest ratings for this season?

Unfortunately, Britney's return to the show could also mean one of her "songs" wrapped into the soundtrack for the episode, a la Mandy Moore and Enrique Iglesias. No one wants that.

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